FrankieZed Studio Logo Animation Video

We recently had SyncLab Media, video centric digital marketing consulting agency located in Dallas, Texas, animate our logo into a motion graphics video. The outcome was high quality and exciting.  The animation will be part [...]

Where Do You Find Quality Building Designers?

A commercial developer's greatest need is having a way of turning a commercial zoned lot on a surveyed plot map into a conceptional design, which would then lead to the concept design being turned into building plans. [...]

Texas Accessibility Certified

Complying with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS), and other building accessibility codes and requirements can be a complex and challenging process. A registered accessibility specialist (RAS) or other APA professional [...]

What We Like to Design

Every building design business has their favorite style of design.  At FrankieZed Studios we adopt the client's style of design. Other design firms take a creative approach to designing.  They will note what a client [...]

Does Quality Really Matter?

There is no harm in general contractors shopping for a bargain or a way to keep their building costs down. However, when the corners cut to save a dollar cost hundreds of dollars in redoes then the [...]

Design Process: What To Expect

FrankieZed Studios is here to do whatever it takes to meet our client's building designs needs. All of the FrankieZed staff is involved in every stage of the building design process. Below are the typical steps we [...]