What Comes First: Building Design or Lot

If given the opportunity to build a home or building, which should be done first?   Should you have a building design drawn first and then shop for a lot to put it on.  Or, [...]

Top 7 Things to Consider When Builder a Horse Barn

Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for years or are just getting started, either way when you’re ready to build the horse barn of your dreams, these are the top 10 things to consider when [...]

Custom Home for Retirement

As people reach retirement, their current house may simply be too big for their needs. Paying large utility bills, maintenance costs and property taxes for an older home on a large lot can often drain [...]

Change In Attitude Towards CoWorking Space

The appeal the attitude for the open bull pen coworking space, made popular during the tech boom of 2012, is finally changing.  More commercial develops are requesting building designs that convert these open floor layouts [...]

5 Laws FrankieZed Studios Design By

There are 5 Laws FrankieZed Studios us in all of their building designs. The phrase building design has evolved over the last decade to have many different meanings. It seems there is some new kind [...]

From the Drawing Board to the Lot

A lot of design work goes into what you see being build in today's homes and buildings.  During the walk through of a building every wall you see and doorway you walk through is usually [...]