Creating the As-Built Plan

Over the years I've measured a large number of residential and commercial buildings. My philosophy about importance of accurately measuring a building hasn't changed much over that time. The proven belief that a successful remodeling [...]

Horse Barn Design: Texas Style

There is no doubt it gets HOT in Texas.  Actually, it gets really cold as well.  For equestrians, managing the extremes of the seasons is a constant challenge.  To help keep their horses comfortable the rely [...]

Tallest Buildings in Texas

Texas is known for its skyscrapers.  Contact FankieZed Studios for all of your commercial building designs.

3 Most Expensive Custom Homes in Tyler, Texas

Texas is known for its big expensive homes.  Tyler, Texas, the Capital of East Texas, has its share of expensive custom homes. Make sure to contact FrankieZed Studios for all of your custom home design needs.

5 Awesome Horse Barns

Horse Stables and Arena have always been an interest.  The more detail that can be put into a horse barn the more it feels like it could be lived in.  Here are five barns we [...]

Architecture Gone Wrong

There is ugly architecture and then there is REALLY Ugly architecture.  Here are just a few building designs that we found that really makes a person ask...WHY? [...]