From the Drawing Board to the Lot

A lot of design work goes into what you see being build in today's homes and buildings.  During the walk through of a building every wall you see and doorway you walk through is usually [...]

Building Design Talk: Building Design Terms

The construction industry use some arcane terms. Here are a few to help with the communications… A Acceptable Solution – A design solution deemed to comply with the Building Code that is pre-approved and therefore [...]

Tips on How to Build Your Dream Home

You love your home, with all of its quirks and perks and even its annoying flaws. But what if you could have controlled all of those quirks, perks, and flaws before moving in? Control of [...]

FrankieZed As-Built Measuring Service

The demand for specialized, professional measuring services has increased rapidly over the last decade resulting in the need for accurate data before a project starts. The time and cost pressures during the construction, or remodeling, [...]

10 Things to Know Before Building a Horse Arena

In addition to being a rock star commercial and residential building designer, Laura Alexander, President of FrankieZed Studios, is also an accomplished equestrian.  Who else would know the ins and outs of how a horse arena [...]

The FrankieZed Way

Providing quality customer service is 'The FrankieZed Way' of doing business. Every client is interested in knowing what their building will look like before it is built.  That is why we offer our 3D Rendering [...]