What Could Go Wrong: Real Remodeling Mistakes

Of course, it is not funny to those who experience shoddy workmanship that resulted in a remodeling mistake..or nightmare. Still, what people will come up with to make-do sometimes is funny. Most of the mistakes [...]

Building Designers Look to Using Videos in 2018

Building design firms who traditionally hire photographers to bring life to their designs are going to be looking to hiring videographers to add motion to their designs.  Videos help bring to the viewer's eye the [...]

New Building Design: Where to Start

We frequently have developers who stop by to discuss their need...or want...for a new building or home design.  The first thing they ask is...Where do I start when designing a new building or home design? [...]

Our Tools of the Trade

I am asked a few times a month "What Tools I use to create a Design". I can see that might be helpful for you to know, especially if you have a design for me [...]

Creating the As-Built Plan

Over the years I've measured a large number of residential and commercial buildings as part of an As-Built project. My philosophy about the importance of accurately measuring a building hasn't changed much over that time. [...]

Horse Barn Designs: Texas Style

There is no doubt it gets HOT in Texas.  Actually, it gets really cold as well.  For equestrians, managing the extremes of the seasons is a constant challenge.  To help keep their horses comfortable the rely [...]